Painterly Effects using Artrage Software for Digital Painting

In this one day workshop we will explore various digital techniques to attain very traditional effects, culminating in a painting of my signature subject matter: rocks and running water.

While I always encourage you to follow your own style of painting, I will have drawings and photos available for those who need more structure.

All participants will be provided with a laser print of their final painting.

9-11am - Set up, Intro to ArtRage and some small studies using various tools and techniques.

11-12 - Setting up your "canvas" and getting started on a painting

12:00-12:30 Lunch - Bring a bag lunch. With digital, there's no fumes and no clean up so we can eat in the studio if you like.

12:30-3:30 - Continue with your painting of rocks and water. You are welcome to paint in your own style, or follow me step by step as I paint water and rocks in my typical realistic, yet painterly style.

3:30 - I will collect the paintings on a thumb drive and start printing. Everyone will get a laser print of their painting, and we will talk about other printing options as well as framing and presentation.


 Artrage is a software application that emulates natural artists materials. The oil paint is thick and wet, the watercolor is wet and transparent. Bring your laptop and experience the Digital Age of painting.

Even if you have NO intention of abandoning traditional painting techniques, ArtRage is a wonderful method of sketching and preplanning for painting. You can draw and paint directly into Artrage or from a  scanned drawing or digital photograph. Every color and media is available to you, and never runs out! Painting on layers allows you to keep elements separate, so you can resize them, move them, adjust the color, contrast or luminosity of one element. With proper planning it allows you to change the background in a painting, or try several backgrounds for the same drawing.

No need to purchase expensive paint and surfaces for studies and practice paintings. The free demo never expires but has resolution and printing limitations. The full version of ArtRage4 is on sale now for only $24.90,  (half price!) Artrage 5 is scheduled to be released early in 2017, and those who purchase ArtRage4 now, will receive a discount, or can use their current software for as long as your computer is happy with it.

About the Instructor:

A classically trained painter, I taught art in K-12 classes for years before we ever thought of  Digital Painting, of Wacom tablets or laptop computers! I have a BA in Art from the New Jersey City University, and an Advanced Certificate  in Computer Graphics and Desktop Publishing from The Pioneer School of the Visual Arts. I have been utilizing the computer in my art for over 20 years.

Although I still paint traditionally in watercolor  and colored pencil, I never tire of the endless possibilities of Digital Painting in both execution and presentation.

Saturday, February 11, 9-4pm


Art's Desire,

5604 St. Johns Rd.

Vancouver, WA


Materials Needed:

  • Laptop Computer
  • ArtRage4 software: free demo is here:
    However,  I encourage you to support the developers by purchasing at the incredibly low price of $24.90 - Less than the cost of supplies for any workshop!  Artrage is 50% off now until the release of the new version, ArtRage5. Owners of ArtRage4 will receive a discount on the new version when it is available.
  • Wacom Tablet or similar is recommended but not required

Workshop Fee $50

 To register contact me from the link below or by contacting Arts Desire, 5604 NE St. John's Rd. Vancouver 360-693-0028. A $20 deposit is required by Feb 4.

If you have questions or to register, please click HERE